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I am so giggling right now from being buzzed at 430 in the afternoon. Thanks for the ciders, Ian!

I am loving the museum... it's just a slower work pace than I'm used to so the day seems to move slowly.

New Hampshire was great minus Mum being a bitch and pissing both me and Ian off. Th level of trust with my folks made me happy, and we stuck to our word to sleep in the separate beds like we promised. Being at Newfound with Ian was so amazing, it was a beautiful day and everything was perfect. Riding bikes, sitting on the beach, swimming, splashing, playing, napping -- everything was wonderful.

It sucks that we've been in this little rough patch -- I really think the pill has been making my hormones go wild, and it's killing me to be out of control of my emotions. I seem to go from zero-to-annoyed very quickly, despite having the infinite patience I have with Ian. I'm feeling awfully lonesome with Ian off on his rafting/bachelor party and not being able to be in contact with him. I hate that we left on a bad note, in an argument. I think the difficult part is having to wait to reach a solution to the problem. It's just a bummer and it's making me feel even worse than i already do because of the pill.

wah wah wah poor Kady. Food Network and West Wing are making my life infinitely better :D