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ok something quick to kill time

FML: I have a cold, luckily, it's not the swine flu, even though one of my apartment-mates had it. Phew.

Unfortunately, I have a ton of things to be doing, and being sick really took the wind out of my sails.

I'm a small group leader on the Women's Retreat coming up in a few weeks, which is really cool. I'm glad they invited me to do it, but I'm very nervous. Also very nervous to be thinking about going to Snow Camp as an adult leader with Ian's church... especially since we haven't been going to Mullein Hill (since we've been going to Mass here, and over the summer were going to Christ Community)... I hope it's not too expensive. The conversion issue rages on. I just can't figure out which is more right for me, and just have to keep praying about it and talking to people about their faith lives. We'll see. One way or another, I know everything will work out.

School is busy. I have 2 final papers to be working on, and that's unfortunate. However, my Vietnam class paper is going to be epic. It's going to be about the Berkeley student movement's protest posters. Love being American Studies. It's amazing.

My schedule next semester is pretty sweet.
US History 1968-Present
French II
Math/CS 109 (lol)
Modern American Lit
Beginner Swing dance
Beginner Ice Skating

Pumped. Life is good. Ian will be up all weekend (after he goes hunting...aka sitting the the woods), and we've got some good plans going. (CC open mike, shindig, hockey game, dinner in East Boston, and lots of time to spend together).

Ugh... now I'm late.
This week's reason why I love Ian: Strawberry Shortcake and Mickey Mouse coloring books.

This week's reason why I love geekdom: Nathan Fillion in Halo ODST. awesomeness.

This week's reason why I hate the US: learning about strategic hamlets and state-sponsored assassinations in Vietnam

This week's reason why I love the US: free speech, as always

This week's reason why I love BU: being an American Studies major

This week's reason why I love music: U2 with Dad

This week's reason why I hate Material Culture: plastic.

Can't wait to go home after job training Saturday... I need sweaters. And to shop. Yay shopping. I want to see my Old Navy loves and my baby puppy. And Ian's new puppy! :D And to watch True Blood.

I hate that the pill totally gives me the Holly-Golightly-mean-reds. ugh. thinking of good stuff is helping though. I love knowing that Ian is just ont he other side of this computer playing Halo. Skype dates make everything better.. all it takes is that goofy smile and his long hair (for now) sticking up in every possible direction. And Kris Allen playing on my Pandora.


so I'm getting lazy about posting

But I'm so busy with work I don't have the spare time.

Suffice to say, this has been the best year of my life.

I'm thinking about grad schools and moving away. Scary, thrilling and so satisfying. I can't wait to start my life.

Ian takes his CO exam on Saturday, so I'm definitely praying that he does well.

I'm seriously considering converting -- which is huge for a myriad of reasons.. I promised my aunt that I won't so long as my grandmother is alive.

I feel like I'll be a bad Irish woman if I convert... I don't know how to reconcile myself to that.

The pill evened out, Ian loved rafting, we had a great time at Jamie's wedding. They've bought a house... its strange that his friends are all marrying off and starting lives. I'm excited for when it's our turn... but with grad school, it'll be a while... so worth waiting for though.

Time to do work... not enough hours in the day.

Oh, and U2 with Daddy was amazing. I'm so happy to have shared that with him. I will remember that for always.

I am so giggling right now from being buzzed at 430 in the afternoon. Thanks for the ciders, Ian!

I am loving the museum... it's just a slower work pace than I'm used to so the day seems to move slowly.

New Hampshire was great minus Mum being a bitch and pissing both me and Ian off. Th level of trust with my folks made me happy, and we stuck to our word to sleep in the separate beds like we promised. Being at Newfound with Ian was so amazing, it was a beautiful day and everything was perfect. Riding bikes, sitting on the beach, swimming, splashing, playing, napping -- everything was wonderful.

It sucks that we've been in this little rough patch -- I really think the pill has been making my hormones go wild, and it's killing me to be out of control of my emotions. I seem to go from zero-to-annoyed very quickly, despite having the infinite patience I have with Ian. I'm feeling awfully lonesome with Ian off on his rafting/bachelor party and not being able to be in contact with him. I hate that we left on a bad note, in an argument. I think the difficult part is having to wait to reach a solution to the problem. It's just a bummer and it's making me feel even worse than i already do because of the pill.

wah wah wah poor Kady. Food Network and West Wing are making my life infinitely better :D

July 1 -- Ian's birthday

Lazy morning in bed, Mexican lunch, Newport walks on the beach, cliffs, "You hear the music fill the air, I put a flower in your hair," dinner with family, long kisses goodnight.

Jun. 24th, 2009

Kadyanne is Wall-E. Ian is Eve.

Also, overnight inventory is exhausting, fun, stressful and hilarious.

Orientation today at the museum.. eep.

This weather is not conducive to summer, ie the beach, mountain biking, going anywhere nice outside (Ft. Phoenix), Six Flags, Canobie or anything involving outside.

I can't believe I'm actually this tired from the overnight.. it was really fun to spend time with the folks from work that I really like, including Ian. It was fun and stressful, especially dealing with some of the inventory people, but I'd do it again. We're doing a huge move on Sunday night, so I'll have a really messed up sleep schedule until then.

Saturday night, Ian and I went into Brookline for the Can't Stop the Serenity midnight showing. It was a blast but completely exhausting. They showed Dr. Horrible first, with the subtitles for the non-suoer-geeks to  sing along. Then came Serenity. It was so cool to see it in a theatre again, especially with people who really enjoy it. Being there with Ian, and being able to enjoy Firefly, Dr. H, and Serenity with him is so great. I love that he really gets the humor and enjoys the storylines (and I don't have to explain anything to him).

I'm so happy to have him and be with him, and I really can't say it enough. I love that I can be completely myself with him, and never be embarrassed or feel isolated. If I'm goofy, he'd goofy; if I'm sad, he's comforting; if I'm cuddly, he's cuddly. He's so amazing to be with and he's just such a wonderful guy. I can't get over how amazing he is and how every sees him for exactly that. Right when you meet him he makes a great first impression, only ever says what he means, and always tells you what he's thinking or feeling. There's nothing to be hidden or covered up and that is so wonderful and so different and so not what I ever thought I'd have or deserve. I'm so much better off -- I'm finally myself agai after so long of just being curled up somewhere. I can't believe Ian and I have been together for nearly 6 months and  I've been changing for nearly 10 months. The most incredible year of my life. Can't wait for more.

This Summer Is

  • brad paisley and dierks bentley
  • arms wrapped around my waist, love songs sung into my ear
  • long hair, lipstain
  • loving mornings
  • True Blood
  • late nights
  • long drives
  • camo hats
  • bass pro shop
  • ice cream
  • work
  • shopping
  • sinead and peter
  • reading the outlander series
  • some beach
  • yummy dinners
  • stepping out of my comfort zone
  • mountain biking
  • laughing, kissing, loving, hand-holding
  • babysitting
  • taking little ones to the drive-in
  • strength and goodbyes
  • deployments and homecomings
  • southern accents
  • hypothetical plans... that might not be so hypothetical
  • cooking
  • Star Trek, Wolverine
  • church, singing, praying and regaining faith
  • wearing my cross again
  • excitement and happiness
...and that's only one month!

How is it that curling up after work and watching Shooter can be so romantic. I love all the different ways I can feel his love -- cuddling on the couch, eating together on lunch breaks at work, how he knows when I'm really struggling on a trail and his verbal encouragements, getting me coffee when he gets off work before me, smiling across the store, holding my hand while he drives, taking my three girls to the drive-in together -- there's so much and something new everyday. I love reading with him, discussing with him, asking him questions, mountain biking, driving ,sitting, cooking, eating, kissing, talking, everything. Every day is something completely new and different, and things are just deepening all the time. I never knew anyone could feel like this, never thought I could, never thought I deserved to. I wish I could remember all the things he says and does for me.
Love, it's where its at.

Summer is amazing.

Oh, and apparently I LOVE mountain biking. Awesome. Might be buying a new bike tonight! :D
hahahaha what was I thinking???

UPGRADE. HUGE. like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" HUGE.

How do you like them apples. This kills me.

What a waste of time... have you seen Ian? SO handsome. I win.