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Jun. 24th, 2009

Kadyanne is Wall-E. Ian is Eve.

Also, overnight inventory is exhausting, fun, stressful and hilarious.

Orientation today at the museum.. eep.

This weather is not conducive to summer, ie the beach, mountain biking, going anywhere nice outside (Ft. Phoenix), Six Flags, Canobie or anything involving outside.

I can't believe I'm actually this tired from the overnight.. it was really fun to spend time with the folks from work that I really like, including Ian. It was fun and stressful, especially dealing with some of the inventory people, but I'd do it again. We're doing a huge move on Sunday night, so I'll have a really messed up sleep schedule until then.

Saturday night, Ian and I went into Brookline for the Can't Stop the Serenity midnight showing. It was a blast but completely exhausting. They showed Dr. Horrible first, with the subtitles for the non-suoer-geeks to  sing along. Then came Serenity. It was so cool to see it in a theatre again, especially with people who really enjoy it. Being there with Ian, and being able to enjoy Firefly, Dr. H, and Serenity with him is so great. I love that he really gets the humor and enjoys the storylines (and I don't have to explain anything to him).

I'm so happy to have him and be with him, and I really can't say it enough. I love that I can be completely myself with him, and never be embarrassed or feel isolated. If I'm goofy, he'd goofy; if I'm sad, he's comforting; if I'm cuddly, he's cuddly. He's so amazing to be with and he's just such a wonderful guy. I can't get over how amazing he is and how every sees him for exactly that. Right when you meet him he makes a great first impression, only ever says what he means, and always tells you what he's thinking or feeling. There's nothing to be hidden or covered up and that is so wonderful and so different and so not what I ever thought I'd have or deserve. I'm so much better off -- I'm finally myself agai after so long of just being curled up somewhere. I can't believe Ian and I have been together for nearly 6 months and  I've been changing for nearly 10 months. The most incredible year of my life. Can't wait for more.